Translational Research

Research leads to innovation and medical breakthroughs, and at LDRTC, we are at the forefront of this journey. As one of the independent clinical research facilities in the U.S. specializing in Lysosomal disorders, our Translational Research Unit is unique. We seamlessly integrate Bench-to-Bedside Research, Clinical Trials, and Treatment in one location, enhancing medical care and significantly improving the quality of life for many.

At LDRTC, we believe in a tailored approach to healthcare. Recognizing that each patient's medical needs are unique, especially in rare disorders, our Translational Research Center is dedicated to identifying novel biomarkers. This enables us to analyze individual responses to treatments, ensuring personalized care. To serve the D.C. metro area, we completed a comprehensive screening program to assess the incidence rates of common Lysosomal disorders among minority populations. In addition, we have recently established a Mass Spectrometry Laboratory. Our advancing facility will play a critical role to further the current research on biomarker sand "omics", enabling us to understand the metabolic basis of rare disorders.

Our Translational Research Unit oversees critical bench-to-bedside research, develops clinical study protocols, and has significantly contributed to understanding the immune pathologies of Lysosomal diseases and optimizing cellular models for studying bone involvement in Lysosomal disorders.

With over 70 published studies, we thrive to keep making medical advances and help the lysosomal and rare disorders community live a better life.
Furthermore, our Translational Research department proudly organizes the annual Genetic Rare & Immune Disorders Symposium (GRIDS). This event gathers the world's leading experts, researchers, and patient advocates, providing a platform for the latest updates and discussions in the field of lysosomal and rare disorders.

Our team collaborates to streamline studies, aiming to uncover more effective treatment options. With over 70 published studies, we are determined to continue making strides in the medical field, offering hope and improved life quality to the communities with Lysosomal and rare disorders.

At LDRTC, we are more than a clinical research center – we are a home for the rare, constantly pushing the boundaries of medical science to create a better future for our patients.