Genetic and Undiagnosed Disorders

The Lysosomal Center offers various services for adults and children with medical issues with a possible underlying genetic cause, including familial conditions, congenital disabilities, chronic diseases, and developmental problems.

We do evaluation and testing to determine the chances for a genetic disorder to recur in a family, as well as clinical management and treatment of genetic diseases.

The Lysosomal Center provides additional treatments that can be added or blended with a customized protocol that best addresses your medical needs. We can help you tailor the best approach and regimen to maintain a regular daily routine and lifestyle.

LDRTC utilizes the most up-to-date genetic and genomic technologies to diagnose individuals with rare and undiagnosed complex disorders.

With our physician-scientists varied research interests, patients are offered opportunities to participate in different translational clinical protocols to unravel potential molecular, cellular, and immune pathways of complex clinical presentations.
We do evaluation and testing to diagnose and counsel for genetic disorders, as well as clinical management and treatment of various inherited diseases.